About Us

Who we are. We would like to welcome you to Irwin Scout Troop, Biggleswade.
Our troop covers the age range 10 1/2 to 14 years old and is open to both boys and girls.

Meeting times:

Normal scout meetings are held at the Scout Hut from 7.45pm to 9.15pm on Monday evenings during term time. Whenever possible we also like to be out of the Scout Hut to ensure a full and fun programme of activities. On these occasions the time and place will be advised.

What scouts do?

Scouts is a more intense version of cubs.
Scouts is bigger, wetter, dirtier, sillier, more adventurous and a whole lot of fun!!!
We encourage older scouts to teach and mentor the newer and younger scouts.


There will usually be the opportunity to camp at least 6 times a year. From small troop camps,
to a week long summer camp and survival camp under plastic held every February. Every other year we will try to go abroad for summer camp.

Scout skills:

A lot of our time will be spent on scout skills.
This is likely to be mostly cooking over fires, building things from wood and
getting lost on hikes. We try to be outside as much as possible, come rain or shine!


Yes we still play a lot of games. We will play mad games in the hut and even bigger, madder games outside. We expect to run thinking games, sport games, wide games and wet games. If you like running around we will have a game for you.


We want to try several times a year to include such things as climbing, canoeing, swimming, bowling, shooting and tobogganing. These may incur an additional cost and travelling further afield. They may also start earlier and finish later than a normal troop night meeting.

So what do you need to be a scout?

The desire to have fun and learn scouting things. To throw yourself into everything we do – even if it looks a bit strange at first. There are scouts in Biggleswade who now do other hobbies and activities they would never have tried if not for scouts.