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A number of badge criteria can be accomplished by getting the scouts to think about food and cooking. As part of our programme we use all aspects of cooking; from thinking about what to cook, shopping, preparation, the actual cooking or trying different types of food to do this.

During these activities the scouts have tried a number of methods and styles of cooking and they wanted to share some of the ones they liked the best. This also includes the leaders! Enjoy!

Breakfast in a tin

This idea was originally seen on the internet using muffin tins and has been adapted for backwards cooking with the scouts.

It has been used on a camp on a number of occasions. Making this, is one of the ideas for an instructional video the scouts decided they wanted to make.
Please watch the video on our website.

Download this recipe: Breakfast in a tin

Steamed fish and vegetables

We set the scouts a challenge to cook a meal for 2, for as little money as possible (less than £5 was the target) and to think about the environment, so that what they bought had the least amount of waste that could not be disposed of easily whilst on a camp.

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Download this recipe: Steamed fish and vegetables

Chocolate Orange Cake

There are numerous versions of this on the internet. Some using ingredients such as this one and some using ready mixed cake mix. All work, but in scouting we want to teach skills and there is little skill to opening a packet!

If you wish to save time you can mix enough of the listed dry ingredients for each person on camp and take to camp in portions, in zip lock food bags. The scouts can then mix and cook on camp. It does mean however scouts do not have the opportunity of learning how to measure out and mix ingredients.

Download this recipe: Chocolate Orange Cake