What to do in an emergency

Here is a quiz for part 4 of the Lockdown Expedition Challenge. It will also count for Emergency Aid Staged Activity Award levels 2.

To complete this quiz you will need to enter your name and the email address of a parent or gurdian. You will then be emailed your results at the end of the quiz along with a certificate. Please check the spam/junk folder as sometimes it ends up here especially if you use a Gmail account.

Try it once. Then you can see what you got wrong.  We would then like you to go and research those areas you did not know the answers for and do the quiz again.  This is not supposed to be a test but a teaching exercise to improve your knowledge. You will not pass or fail but if we were to run this as a face to face scout sevent you would have the opportunity to ask question so you know all the answers. Upload your results to OSM as evidence of completion of the appropriate part of the Expedition Challenge and Emergency Aid Staged Activity Award levels 2

Good luck and have fun!!

What to do in an emergency

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What is First Aid?

What is the main aim of a person giving first aid ?

Why is it important to get help in an emergency?

What two numbers can you call for the emergency services in the UK?

Which of the following is NOT an emergency service ?

What initials help you remember the steps to take at an incident ?

In the acronym DR ABC, what does the“ABC” stand for ?

The best way to treat bleeding is to put the wound under a tap

You MUST NOT use cotton wool to dry the wound

In first aid terms, what is shock ?

The best way to treat a nose bleed is by tilting the head back and pinching the nose

You should NOT pick out any loose foreign objects in a cut or graze

One of your friends has cut his arm and is bleeding severely. What do you do ?

Why do you put an unconscious casualty into the recovery position ?

You should flood a burn with cold water for at least 10 mins or until the pain is relieved

A burn should be covered with lotion/ointment to treat it

You should burst any blister that appears on a burn/scald

Cling film CAN be used to dress a burn/scald

You should put butter on a burn

Which of the following is NOT a symptom of hypothermia?

Which of the following is NOT a symptom of Hyperthermia?

When you call the emergency services, the operator will ask you which service you require and then they will put you through to the relavant service (police/fire/ambulance). They will ask you questions to get the information they need to help you get the help you need. What information will they ask/need to know?

When you call the emergency services and are talking to the operator, what is it important to do?

When we go for a hike or do any events with Scouts we ask about medical conditions, if you were to go on a hike with a group of Scouts it is helpful to know if anyone has any condition that would effect them on the hike e.g asthma, food allergy, etc. If someone is having an asthma attack while you are on a hike with them what do you do?

If someone is unconscious and breathing you need to put them into the recovery postion please look at the pictures above and chose which one is the correct recovery position. (CAUTION - Due to the quiz settings the answers may not be in alphabetical order!!)

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