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During the development of our web site the leaders wanted the scouts to take ownership of what it included and one of the suggestions was, they wanted to share was some of the skills they had learnt in scouting.

The leadership team set them the task of deciding which skills they wanted to share in short videos. Once this was decided each patrol then set about storyboarding and shooting the videos. The leaders then took the footage and created the final videos.

Please note: The leaders have left all of the content to the young people and therefore please accept that the content may not be as comprehensive as it could be, have minor errors and differences as to how these skill may be done. The idea of the exercise was to introduce the ideas and concepts for producing both video and photographic content. Over a period of of time the scouts went from very little knowledge to being able to operate various types of equipment and also develop skills and an eye for what would or would not work or look good. It all went towards completing the Creative Challenge Award. …please enjoy.

Scout firelighters

Pitching a tent

Breakfast in a Tin Can